About the Perfect Bite Co.

The Perfect Bite Co. was founded in 2005 on the philosophy that food should be made with the best quality ingredients. Our team has a passion for culinary trends and understanding consumers preferences; we thrive on creating delicious food for special moments. We believe in healthy breakfast, have extensive experience with flavorful grains and sauced vegetable blends, as well as entertaining and snacking appetizers.  When it comes to innovative, memorable meals, we are your secret weapon to creating the Perfect Bite for your customers.

Fresh Take on Frozen:

“Freezing is nature’s pause button.”

Freezing enables us to share and enjoy ingredients any time of year, in or out of season, and still benefit from their natural richness and nutrient density. Ultimately, freezing provides convenience and sustainability for busy lifestyles.  Just open, thaw and heat, and enjoy!


About Teri:

“Nothing gives me as much pleasure as sharing something I made with people I care about. That first bite, The Perfect Bite, is what I strive for. Let me know what you think!”

As a caterer and restaurateur in Los Angeles since 1990, Teri Valentine created a business based on the philosophy that foods should be handmade from scratch and from the absolute best quality ingredients available.  We at The Perfect Bite Co. aspire to make every bite a memorable one.


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